Großer Donuttepich goes KIELCE/POLAND


23/06- 04/08/2012

“From regular to bold. A journey through the swallows of young design evolution”

The inaugural exhibition constitutes our first approach to the subject of DESIGN. ‘Design’ is still a relatively new word in Polish vocabulary, and therefore not yet widely recognized nor understood. The exhibition will show various levels of thinking about utilitarian objects, a variety of possible interpretations of industrial forms, as well as new and surprising ways of creation.

DCK will present a comprehensive view of products through a prism of new technological possibilities, innovative production techniques, and last but not least, creative thinking and new approach to the processes of designing. Among the presented works, you will find the creations of world renowned designers. The names of Marteen Baas, Marcel Wanders, Alessandro Mendini, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and Richard Hutten will be accompanied by the works of the rising stars of design, such as Iris van Herpen, and Marloes ten Bhömer, along with young polish artists: Agnieszka Bar, Arek Wolski, Karolina Bik, Kabo & Pydo Group. Such an extensive presentation is meant to open a space for future thinking about a product and the role it should play in our lives.

Along with the “DESIGN=WZORNICTWO” exhibition, we will present the collection of Hans Maier-Aichen entitled “From regular to bold. A journey through the swallows of young design evolution” that will show brand new works from young designers, still studying or starting their professional life. The objects are an emanation of a rebellious spirit that stands up to old canons and rules established by communities of both producers and consumers.

The projects, besides using new technologies and materials, and rediscovering the old methods of creation, express the innovative approach to the production of utilitarian objects. The actual mediocrity of production methods and the poor quality of mass-produced goods worldwide requires a critical response that can only be provided by the young, rising designers, with expressive personalities. Therefore, the works presented in this group are a result of a very thorough selection of objects, created by the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design students, and accompanied by a few original works of young designers.

During the Opening, all spaces of DCK will be converted in exhibitions presenting the esthetics, functionality and imagination of the modern design.

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