olohuonenäyttely // living room exhibition

„Best before/Parasta ennen“ (my first installation in a fridge)


Everything in life is temporary, we are always surrounded by so called deadlines. Even the butter in your fridge has one. Within my installation „Best before/Parasta ennen“ I am showing regular products in a fridge in a different context. The products itself are more in the background and the main focus is on the „Best before“-dates that are always shown on them. Those dates are on almost every single product you can buy from supermarkets and they set a deadline to every product. Products that have passed this deadline only by one day, are thrown to trash by the stores, while people all over the world are suffering from hunger and poverty. With this project i want to make people think or at least be a bit more aware of this fact. By having kind of only the „shadows“ of the products, but the dates on focus, the content of the fridge reminds more of a small graveyard than a paradise of great food and drinks.